Related custom query in mongodb

As I know custom query not possible in mongodb database , but any other way to do that.

My requirement is : I want a separate column for "average of total"

I want a separate column because , I want to show "cumulative sum of average of total" in my graph(not cumulative sum of total)

Can you help me please.

Hi @varnika
I don't know what you mean with "custom query". Metabase supports creating Native query in Mongo.
It sounds like you will need to make such query in Native instead of using the GUI.

Sorry, I meant "custom column" not "custom query".
Actually my goal t create a chart in which i can show "cumulative sum of (average of (total score))" but I have only "total score" column in my database. For postgres i can create another column easily but how can i do that in mongo? That's what i want to know.

@varnika No, currently Custom Column is not supported for MongoDB.

i have created this question so that i can create cumulative sum of average of total score by using ask question "Ask question" tab again but i can't find this question in the saved question box.

May i know why, In postgres we can create a question from previous question, but here it is not possible.

@varnika Mongo questions cannot be used as starting point: