Relative/offset date ranges and/or ranges from provided date

I'm aware of how to create filters and ranges from "today" but in our case, we need to offset today's date by a certain amount.

For example, we need to have a date range of 6 months, but it would be ending at 6 weeks previous to today.

Could someone point to how that could be accomplished?

Please post troubleshooting info and where do you want to put the filter

Troubleshooting info? Sorry, I'm not sure what to provide. I'm just looking for some direction on how to implement an offset.

I'd like to put the filter in a question.


Records 6 months previous to a date, but with an offset. So, let's say today was Jan 1, 2023, and I want records for the 6 months previous, but with a 1 month offset. So instead of 2022/07/01-2022/12/31, I would want 2022/06/01-2022/11/31. Just wondering how I accomplish this without hard coding ranges.

I think you need Expression as a default value for date variable · Issue #3156 · metabase/metabase · GitHub