Relevance of Custom Queries being fired from Metabase and How to Control Them?

I observed that following custom queries are being fired by Metabase on backend database which are a huge lot in numbers:

  1. "select 1" : ~180,000 runs per day
  2. show /* JDBC:DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() */ columns in database "DATA_WAREHOUSE" : ~ 1600 runs per day
  3. alter session /* JDBC:DBConnectionV1.setAutoCommit*/ set autocommit=false : ~ 1600 runs per day

I am curious to know:

  1. What is the use case/ relevance of these queries?
  2. When are these queries fired from Metabase?
  3. Can we limit their execution eg. limit count of run or change duration between runs or block these queries to run? If yes, then how?

Hi @Naman
Those are sync queries, together with regular session changes during query execution.

Have a look at previous posts:"DatabaseMetaData.getColumns"

You are likely interested in this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hey @flamber, Thanks for the prompt reply. I'll surely go through the resource provided by you. Thanks.