Relevant Filter in Dashboard

I have created a dashboard which includes multiple filters (for instance consider 3). One I select something from 1st filter I just want the subsequent filters to show the relevant values from 1st selection. Can someone help me with that.

This has been asked many, many times. Not currently supported. Not sure if or when.
You can do it by embedding the dashboard in an IFRAME and passing values from the host page. Not trivial though.

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@ankitjajoo Yup, know exactly what you’re looking for and what to do about it!

Sign into GitHub and upvote the following issue in the first post to let the Metabase team know of your interest this feature: Limit the number of options displayed in a filter based on the selection of another filter. #5540

What you are asking for is known by various names – Cascading, Dependent, Linked, etc. filters (e.g. Country -> State/Province -> City -> Zip/Postal Code).

Do a search on these terms and you’ll find this has indeed been asked for many, many times but has not yet made it into a development milestone.

The more upvotes an issue receives the further it climbs up the highly-requested items list and the more likely it is to become part of an upcoming release.

This firmly in the top 10 with 158 upvotes when combined with related issue Additional/custom drill-down hierarchies #4691 and is only 23 upvotes away from the top 10 all on its own and is gaining steadily!

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Thanks for the detail reply here. I will check the links shared.