Remove "impossible" options in filters



Say that my data set looks like this:

Continent Country Population (M)
Asia Afghanistan 35.5
Asia Bangladesh 164.7
Europe Croatia 4.2

and that I create the following question:

  • Continent is Asia
  • View SumOf(Population)
  • GroupBy Country

I thus get following result:

Country Population (M)
Afghanistan 35.5
Bangladesh 164.7

Now imagine I include this question in a dashboard, with Country as a filter.


The country filter let me select among 3 options: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Croatia… however, selecting Croatia will lead to empty result, as it get striped out by the “Continent is Asia” filter.

This makes the whole UX a bit confusing, especially if I’ve titled the dashboard “Asia facts & figures”!


Is there a way to remove “impossible” options in the filter (in our case, remove Croatia from the Country filter)?


This has been discussed widely - search for ‘cascade’ to see all the previous discussion.

Short answer is ‘no’. However, you can embed the dashboard in an IFRAME and write something in the host page to set the parameters.

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Thank you: “Cascade” is the keyword I was missing!

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