Removing comma in results

I have large data sets of results that I often like to copy and paste data out of. With the comma included in large number fields I am forced to go through and clean this data before searching. Is there a way to remove comma’s in table results?

Same request here

Hi, when you use SQL syntax to create you questions you could just use the syntax concat(field) for every field. It will create a text 123456 instead of the number 123,456, maybe that is what you need?
Cheers, Eva

@EvaS brilliant! Thank you :man_dancing:

I think the appropriate New Feature issue that this could fall under is: (which you can :+1: vote for)

Until it can float to the top of a list - it’s good @EvaS SQL workaround is there!

I stumbled across another workaround for data in a table (not tested on anything else).
Remove all your groups so that all you see is a single number.
In settings, you’re now able to change the number formatting:
Change so that there are no separators.
Now add your groups back.
The table will still show the commas:
but they’re not in the csv export:

Strange, but true.