Renaming of Columns which summarize data

Hello Everyone,

As I was working with combining/visualizing data from various questions, I was encountering a naming of the columns similar to the screenshot:

Basically, every summarization also shows the source question(s) in the name of the column, which is useful while still working with the data, but at the moment that I have a final graf which I want to share, having the names of the columns in this format is not very intuitive for the people who are seeing the results. I was wondering if someone else encountered this and if there is a way to rename these columns?


Hi @silva.arapi
You are seeing this issue, since it’s currently only possible to set custom “Column title” for Table visualization: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thank you for your quick reply @flamber. I upvoted the issue. I am just wondering, do you expect this bug to be fixed in the next release?

@silva.arapi I can guarantee that it will not be fixed by next release. There are 1800 other issues open.