Render: new deployment platform for Metabase

Hi everyone,

I’m the founder of Render, a new fully-managed cloud provider, and we just launched a guide to installing Metabase on Render in under 5 minutes:

It uses the official Docker image and is backed by Render’s fully-managed PostgreSQL.

It also includes a host of useful features:

  • Free and automatic SSL certificate issuance and renewal.
  • Full support for Metabase background tasks and Metabot.
  • Instant setup for custom domains so you can run Metabase on
  • Automatic backups of the application database.
  • Built-in HTTP → HTTPS redirects.
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling with automatic failovers.
  • Full support for environment variables.
  • Consolidated logging in your Render dashboard.
  • Quick and easy upgrades to new Metabase versions.

With all these features, you can run a reliable, secure, production grade Metabase instance in the cloud for just $10/month.

We’d love for you to try it out and tell us what you think!


Not sure if I just didn’t look properly - but where are the Render servers located?

They’re in the US for now, but we’re expanding to UK and EU locations later this year.

To follow up, we just upgraded our own Metabase instance for the first time since install, and upgrading was as simple as updating the Docker image tag in our GitHub repo. Render automatically picked up the change in GitHub and Metabase did the rest during deployment.

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