Repeat question in dashboard with different values

Is it possible to add the same question several times to a dashboard, but have each of them display the data filtered by a different value?

Hi @barraponto
Yes, but you would need a filter for each question.
It basically sounds like you're looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Yes, I figured out that it is possible: just add a filter per question, with a different default value.
That issue would definitely improve the UI, though. Go team!

BTW, is there any way to duplicate the question in the dashboard? I've configured columns and visualizations and I would love to just copy-paste the question (and then set the filter manually).

@barraponto You would have to do that through the API. It will get a little tricky on dashboards, since it some of the more complex parts, so definitely not easy-peasy.
The easiest would be to setup the question like you want and then you can just add the question multiple times on the dashboards, so it will create a card for each, which you'll then connect a filter to each card.

To clean up the UI if you're using the workaround of one filter for each chart, if the filter values are fixed or can be provided in the URL, you can hide the filter widgets using the URL fragment identifier #hide_parameters=city,suburb where city and suburb are the filter labels you want to hide.

The doco outlining this can be found here.

I only found this out last week after using Metabase for 3 years ...