"Replace missing values with" 0 option disregarded when using Added series

I have a line chart which shows a daily aggregate value. For the chart itself I've set the "Replace missing values with" option to 0. That works like a charm:


However, when I add that line chart as a series to another chart (a bar chart in this specific instance) then the option is disregarded and the default interpolation seems to kick in:


Is this the desired behaviour or something that I can change? Or should I report is as a bug? (Using v0.41.4)

Hi @ChristophD
When combining questions on the dashboard, then only the original question's visualization settings are applied. This is a limitation of how much data that is pulled in.
So unless the visualization options on the card on the dashboard allows you to change this, then it's not possible.

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@flamber, thanks for your lightening fast reply.

Okay, that's a somewhat funky behaviour, because it means that I can achieve the desired outcome by adding a bar chart series to a line chart series (which has been configured accordingly) but not the other way around (as the "replace missing values with" option doesn't exist for bar charts).


@ChristophD If you look in the application database, then you'll understand why, since there's no visualization settings for the other questions added. This also causes other problems like https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/17943

Got it, thanks. And I'll upvote #17943. :slight_smile: