Replace the word "Metabase" wherever it appears

I want Replace the word "Metabase" in metabase code

If this is to change the branding, you'll need to pay for the full version.

You can do that with the whitelabelling feature. If you want to change it on the code to resell Metabase, that’s against the license

How to achieve this by modifying the code instead of paying for it

Can you specify how to achieve this through whitelabelling

Is it through here to modify the title? After modifying the default value of 'application-name', execute 'clojure - M: run' again without any changes

Deploy the product and use a token, then go to settings-> admin-> appearance

Can I sell the enterprise version after purchasing it?

You can’t re-sell or sub license Metabase, only use it on top of your product. If you would like to be a partner of Metabase please write to partners at metabase dot com