"report_dashboardcard" does not exist and problems on new version

I am using Metabase version 0.44.3 and I tried to migrate to version, but I encountered problems. I backed up the jar and metabase.db.mv.db, which is the standard that you provide us with for security purposes.

The version is giving an SNI problem. I tried things similar to java - org.eclipse.jetty.http.BadMessageException: 400: Invalid SNI - Stack Overflow, but with no success. My nginx server is configured without passing localhost variables or anything similar, and this error persists. When I tried to restore the previous version, 0.44.3, and return to the previous database, everything processed without errors normally. However, the dashboard cards now have an error when trying to resize. When I check the console for the error, it tells me that report_dashboardcard does not exist in the table.

I need a solution to one or the other situation, preferably for the current version situation where I can migrate and update to it, which I believe is the correct approach.

Update on the ticket, I solved the problem for version 0.44.3, basically the metabase in the new version changed the structure of some tables and this ended up screwing the previous one, this could be informed before the update.

Regarding the new version, I have not been successful yet regarding the SNI, I am still waiting for support to perform the update.

Hi, the upgrades in Metabase do migrations on the databases. If you’re using still an h2 database I suggest you to move away as fast as you can from that db, as it will corrupt and you’ll lose everything without being able to recover

About the SNI problem, please check your certificates, there’s an entire post here about that

Can you link me which is this post that is complete referring to this? the ones I read didn't solve me so far.

I also have another problem, when using graphics, it is limiting/truncating 2000 lines of data, how can we increase this limit?

About row limit, there’s an issue in GitHub for that, we might make it configurable soon