Reports not showing in configured timezone

Hi, we are switching over from the open-source version of Metabase to Metabase Cloud. We are using BigQuery for our DB.

All reports that use time-based summarizations are slicing up the data incorrectly, and display a warning icon with the hover text:

The query for this chart was run in GMT rather than America/Los_Angeles due to database or driver constraints.

I have configured reports to use America/Los_Angeles in the Admin settings, which worked perfectly for the open-source Metabase instance I was running.

Our BigQuery data has not been changed at all since migrating to Metabase Cloud.

How can I get our reports to be correct?

Hi @nfarina
Please use the support email when using Metabase Cloud.
BigQuery didn't support Report Timezone until very recently and required changing the system (JVM) timezone for handling that.

Thanks for the suggestion to use the support email - they responded right away and were very helpful and explained the situation clearly - I'll repeat it here for others: The open-source version we were using (v45 release candidate) supported BigQuery timezones, and Metabase Cloud hasn't upgraded to 45 yet, but will soon.