Reports with header and footer

I'm quite new to Metabase and would like to know if I can make formatted reports with headers and footers with it. similar to those that can be built by Crystal Reports.

appreciate any help

Hi @Kia
I'm not sure how Crystal Reports does it, but it was build for paper.
You can use dashboard to design how you want to layout:
I would recommend that you go through some of the Learn material, which is a great help in the beginning:

Thanks, Flamber
I will definitely go through the links you provided.
In my use case, I require to print and send the data to the authorities and certain footers and headers like the company name, logo, address and page number are required. can I have paging on dashboards?

Hey Kia,

I use both, Crystal and Metabase.
But what you want is not possible with Metabase.
You can maybe recreate it a bit with a dashboard, but it will not be the same as directly creating it in Crystal reports.

I'm afraid for that, you will have to stick to Crystal Reports.

Thanks Cobalt, it's a pity. I hope Metabase team finds a solution for that.
Meanwhile I appreciate any hint or link on how to connect crystal report to MS SQL server on AWS.

Metabase is just an other solution then Crystal. I don't think they will find a "solution" for this, as it is build for creating on screen dashboards etc and not paper print reports like flamber said.

Can't help you with the hint/link though, I use it to create custom reports to work with our own created software on a postgres db.

I've worked with Crystal Reports (and the server stuff) for over 20 years. Just sad that SAP (and previously BO) have pretty much stopped development.
Connecting Crystal to MS SQL in AWS is the same as connecting any other product to SQL on AWS. Use ODBC and test the connection. If that works, so will Crystal.
Any problems are likely to be due to firewalls or ports not being open on Azure. You'll need to work with your AWS Admin for that.

Forgot to say:
I've been working with a customer converting MS SSRS reports to Metabase. Similar idea to Crystal Reports.
You won't get the same output. Important thing to do is to work out what the report was used for in the first place. Sounds silly but you can probably meet the original requirements in a different way.