Reset admin account without email

Hello !

I use metabase with docker. My container was stopped and to use metabase I need to login.
Unfortunately, I forgot my credentials. I saw that we can reset password with this command:
java -jar metabase.jar reset-password

But I forgot the email used to create the admin account.
Is there a way to find the admin email to reset the password?


Hi @aimen
You would need to access the application database table core_user to see the emails.
If you are using H2, then migrate away from that:

Hi @flamber, thanks for the answer. This will be my last option. But can we edit the H2 directly inside the docker container ?

@aimen The H2 default location on Docker is /metabase.db/ - you can use or similar to edit that.

Thank you @flamber :smile:

I used the tool provided by H2:

It’s a simple way to find the email and reset the password (with the reset-password provided by metabase).