Reset Password Admin

I read about the other topics with this issue but I couldn't resolve my.

I tried to reset my password using this documentation:

I was configure a Postgre DB for use in metabase, so when I used the command reset-password I saw the metabase connected in H2 database, so the tool doesn't look my user, because my user was registred in Postgre. I check the file /etc/default/metabase and the informations it's ok (
The message is about the Fail user.

So, I try to access the db postgres and I was execute the query about the core_user, I see my user but the field 'reset token' is Null.

I don't know how to resolve this, I tried to resolve by two way but I couldn't resolve.

I would like only access the metabase tool, please can you help me?

Hi @ThaisaFernandes
So either you need to include the environment variables in the command you're running or do something like this:

env $(cat /etc/default/metabase | xargs) && java -jar metabase.jar reset-password

There's many ways of doing it - the point is you need to start Metabase so it's referencing the correct application database.

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Thank very much!! I achieved access the Metabase tool.