Restarting metabase in elastic beanstalk

I have created AWS elastic beanstalk app and setup metabase instance as mentioned in this link - Running Metabase on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

I have also created RDS instance with postgreSQL data and connected my data with metabase. But after every few days, its getting restarted and again asking me to setup the metabase account. What is the issue

you haven't configured the environment variables

How to do that?

Okay thank you so much
So what should I add at MAX_SESSION_AGE at the scenario when I need to never log in again to metabase?
How many minutes should I add in that property?

You shouldn't do that, since someone could capture your session token that never expires and from there impersonate you in Metabase

Then how should I prevent my dashboards by getting deleted everytime metabase asks me to setup the account?
My dashboards are getting deleted after setting up account metabase. Its not considering login. Its directly asking to setup the account. Even after putting same credentials, my dashboards are getting deleted. How to stop that? What should I add environment varibles for this issue?
Thank you

Anyone please help

I’ve already answered: you don’t have a real database connected to your elastic beanstalk instance, please follow the entire elastic beanstalk guide to create a real database that Metabase can use to persist the data to