Restoring only dashboards from H2 db

I have a metabase running in docker container on a small server, which is used for a few people, couple of dashboards, nothing too crazy. Unfortunately we have lost admin credentials and are unable to add a new member or do any admin tasks.
I have no problems running a new container and restoring the old database with the original data, but I would be interested in a restoration way which would basically only delete the users, but would keep all dashboards and questions undeleted and ready to be used in a new container.
My goal is to setup a new admin account and re-add all members while keeping already created dashboards and questions. I don't know if this is even possible and would appreciate any tips, cheers!

Hi, please check Managing people and groups

Thanks for the link.

I am getting

Whoops, that's an expired link
For security reasons, password reset links expire after a little while. If you still need to reset your password, you can request a new reset email.

I tried used the same db and added the reset-password argument to docker run and in docker logs I can see the reset token, but the container itself immediately exits and therefore I don't really know where to paste it, because if I start a different container it doesn't work and prints the message above.

Any ideas how to handle this?

I actually figured it out, just forgot to mount the db file, so consider this thread resolved please