Restrict specific databases from Athena catalog

I have a metabase setup running in a k8s pod with RDS db as an app database. I use AWS athena for the data model database. I have only one catalog with multiple glue databases. Currently metabase loads all of these databases, which I find rather pointless as I am interested only in single one. It also pollutes the logs with too many messages I dont care about.
Is there a way to specify one single database from a data catalog that metabase should access? Or does this have to be solved on the IAM policy level?

Edit: I am trying a bunch of Athena/Glue IAM policies but cannot figure out the correct combination, is there maybe a resource on this topic?

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Unfortunately I’m not an expert on Athena, can’t you just block the user from getting into those tables?

Another way would be to hide those in settings-> data model

I had luck with specifying only a subset of resources (databases and tables) instead of '*' under glue permissions listed here: Amazon Athena