Restrictions on dashboard viewing

I am trying to restrict user from seeing specific dashboard.

is this possible?

Hi, as far as I know that would work by having all relevant questions in one collection - you can restrict access to that collection. Hope taht works!

Will try this out.

Thank You

I can do this with questions but how do i go about setting it up for Dashboards. So that if i have 10 Dashboard i want Sales Team to only see 3 of all the 10.

Hi, as far as I know this is not possible right now. You would have to build a collection for every group you want to have restrictions for and put all questions that are linked to those 3 restricted dashboards in this collection.

So far there seems to be no way to give usergroups restricted access on dashboard level.

Thank You @EvaS

The workaround is to embed the dashboard in an IFRAME, then have an extra table in the databse that includes the relationship between dashboard and group. It’s not difficult to do, but you end up with a lot of extra code as there is no sensible way to fetch the current user or user group from the IFRAME.
For my customer, I’ll probably end up using AD Security with IIS for a web page that contains the IFRAME.
This does need to be something that can be done out of the box.

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Eva is exactly right, but we are actively working on an improved design for Collections that will allow you to save dashboards, pulses, questions, segments, and metrics in them, which will then allow you to use the existing collections permissions to set group-level access to all of those things.