Result as a link

I’d like to show the result as a table as a link.
For example…
I know that a website need a parameters to show sth…<< the result of table >>

Is it possible?
Tks so much in advanced

you can use the download links (or the public versions) to download the results of a question.

I think that’s what you’re asking but it’s a bit unclear.

Hi sameer, I’m loving this tool.
Well, tks for your prompt reply.

Sorry, but my english was not so clear.
I’m gonna try to do better.

I’d like to create…
select concat(‘’,produto_id) from table1

and the table result show me as a link. got it?
Tks again and look over my english mistakes.


We don’t support pulling arbitrary data via url gets yet.

Tks again sammer. would u mind to explain, briefly, what´s “pulling arbitrary” just for learning?

I think you are looking for a column value which is a URL to be hyperlinked instead of just appearing as plain text URL.

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perfect atharvai!

I’ve run into wanting this feature as well – it’s not just formatting a URL column, it’s the ability to create a custom field that is a URL (and can be constructed with string-processing functions). For example, if I’ve got some column like ObjectID, it’d be nice to make a displayable column that is a clickable hyperlink to some URL…

As @acaruso said, something like “”+ObjectID

I haven't tried this yet but might want to check out and post back a review:

@atharvai I don’t think a browser extension is the answer here – especially when there doesn’t appear to be a way to construct a URL via string-manipulation of results…

Yep not ideal but if you already have stored URLs or are confusing them with SQL, it’s helpful. I do wish the table would allow formatting cells based on specified types.

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Need Help!

Is there possibilty to open link in new tab in chrome? Currently open in same tab. My version v0.35.4

Thanks in advance

@Timple There’s an issue open: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post