Retaining Metabase Data Without VPN Post-Sync

Hello Metabase community,

I am currently connected to remote MongoDB servers via Metabase through a VPN, and I've noticed that the live data in Metabase becomes inaccessible when the VPN connection is lost. My goal is to maintain access to the data even after the synchronization is complete, similar to how Tableau uses .hyper files.

I have explored options like migrating from H2 to a production database like PostgreSQL, but I'm uncertain whether this achieves my intended outcome. Could someone guide me on how to retain Metabase data without a VPN post-sync? Any insights or recommended approaches would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

so you want to have a completely offline metabase experience, is that correct?

In a way yes. I want to be able to save the data extract in some database (postgres/maria/mysql) that can be used offline too

It doesn't work like that. Metabase only keeps data for stuff like filters rather than a copy of your database.
The H2 data that you've moved to Postgres (a good thing), is just the internal Metabase stuff.
You need to do some ETL to move the required data from MongoDB to a local server. If it's just a straightforward copy, shouldn't be difficult. Then point Metabase at the local server.