Return 0 in place of no result

Hi everybodies,
I’m start with Metabase and sorry if someone has already asked this question.
I have a simple query like that :
“SELECT sum(sales_cr_memo_lines_month.line_amount) AS sum
FROM sales_cr_memo_lines_month
And I want to return 0 when my query don’t have result, but i don’t find how to do that.
Is-it possible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @christophe
Depending on your database, you can probably use IFNULL() like:

SELECT IFNULL(SUM(sales_cr_memo_lines_month.line_amount), 0) AS sum

For general SQL questions, you’ll likely find better answers on or a forum dedicated to the database you’re using.

thanks a lot, it’s perfect :slight_smile: