Return the old version

The new version is very bad (0.24),Unable to rollback to the old version. Request help

Sorry that you’re having problems. Can you provide more details about what errors or problems you’re encountering when trying to roll back? What is your operating system, browser, application database type, and connected database type? Which version of Metabase were you on previously?

Also, we would love to know what it was about version 0.24 that you found to be “very bad.” Did you encounter bugs? Did something change that you didn’t care for?

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Chrome,Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, H2.
Previous version 0.22 was good, running stable, 0.23, 0.24 bad.
The new version sometimes takes place without metabase,You want to roll back to the old version, but you can’t start it。
Sorry, my English is not good. I hope you understand my problem.