Reuse custom column


I have a custom column that converts the time.
convertTimezone([created], "Europe/Stockholm", "UTC")
This is because the database is in utc.
I wonder if there is any way I can save this to be able to reuse it in other questions so I dont need to create it every single time.
I am useing the open source version.

why don't you change the report timezone to stockholm? or you need to have both columns in the reports?

I have localization set to stockholm but that doesnt help.
The database i connect to is a ms sql and there the time is in utc.
So the time in database is 08:00 for example but it should be 10:00 based on stockholm and dst.
Or is this something I need to change in metabase app-db? I use Postgre for Metabase.

what's the data type of the column in your ms sql?

It's datetime