Reusing common queries in 'questions' and 'dashboards' without duplicating query

Greetings all, and thank you to the Metabase guys for an awesome tool!!

Is there any way I can reuse a query without needing to duplicate the ‘question’.
I have a query and its default to just show a table view, but I’d like the same query to use a chart view on my dashboard.
I see I can achieve this by having 2 stories with the exact same query but just set to different ‘views’.
many thanx

Thanks for the kind words!

We don’t currently let you use queries with different visualizations. For situations like you’re describing we’d recommend making re-usable segments or metrics. This keeps the re-used portions firmly defined and easy for others to slice+dice.

Thats great thank you Sameer,

Could you point me in the right direction how to achieve this, just need a clue and I will go figure it out.
Thank you very much for your response.

This page should help you get started with defining segments and metrics:

perfect thank you very much

Hi Maz,
Just to confirm, we can only create segments off a table not a query? This is also ok since I can easily turn my big commonly used query into a table/view which I can then use to make a segment. I haven’t tested views but tables obviously work.

Currently, yes, but we’re actively discussing and working towards a feature that would let you use the results of a query as the starting point for a new question, which would have many practical and powerful uses.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a good idea ( using a query instead of a table). It might be handy for prototyping or development but for most source systems you would want to be denormalizing / pre-aggregating routine segments and metrics. This kind of thing amounts to just-in-time ELT which will be slow, and people will complain that it’s not faster without realizing it is a data modelling issue to be fixed in the source system, not a metabase issue.