Role based access for Groups to Dashboard


How do we give Access to a Group to just few dashboards ? e.g. we want to give access to weekly reports only to a group .

We are using a Free account


Hi @aurigin.admin
Read this:


Thanks for the url, we have created a new Collection named "TMA Collection" but we couldn't figure out how to give Read Only permission to only the "Weekly reports" to this collection.

We have created a group called TMA and granted permission for TMA to this "TMA Collection" as view only.

Screenshots are attached.


@aurigin.admin Remember to revoke permissions for "All Users" group:
You should upgrade immediately to a newer release:

Hello flamber,

Yes, we have revoked access for "All Users", you can see that in the screenshot

Are you saying we will have this feature only with the latest metabase version ?


@aurigin.admin You are logged in as an admin user, which has access to everything.
You should still upgrade immediately to a newer release:

Hello Flamber,

Thanks, we have upgraded to v0.42.4

Please find the screenshots, it says "you don't have permission to this card"


@aurigin.admin Read this again:

The questions has to be available in a collection that the user has access to.