Rounding values incorrectly

Hi guys,
My graph have two results, one is 2,820 and the other is 3,470
But the graph is rounding my result to 3, and the visualization become really weird.

That happened to my others graphs too, and I dont want the round in my numbers :frowning:

I already made the configuration to decimal, but the rounding still happening (like in the picture)
Help me please, thank you.

Hi @puglisi,

We just recently that functionality in 0.34.0 and it looks like that’s an issue with how it’s implemented. There’s an issue already file for that here ( ) - feel free to upvote it by giving a :+1: on the original comment.



@dacort Thank you for answer.
The topic tell about a compact settings, do you know where is it?
Where that I found and change this compact setting?

It’s unfortunately a setting that can not be changed. That issue is just documenting why the issue exists.