Run clojure -M:run on wsl failed

|like this:


this is error message:


Please install clojure cli (1.11) and Java 11

yeah, thanks for your help. I solved the problem according to your suggestion. but I have a new problem when building the back-end service........

look the picture:

and i upload the complete output log on pastebin, Here is his web address: @LAPTOP-TA09QEQM:~/metabase$ yarn build-hotyarn run v1.22.19$ yarn concurre -

Are you using yarn 1.x? Are you using node 16? That also seems like a dependency problem

thanks ,I have solved this problem . I do use yarn 1.22 and node 16.x, just remove node_modules and redo yarn build-hot ,run successfully :::

i'm so sorry, i have a new problem again. when i run metabase successfully, i found i can't access the website correctly on my browser, the websit show me

Cannot GET /

like this:

and this is wsl output:

this is the content i access on wsl:

What is the problem and how should I solve it :kissing_heart: