Run metabase on /metabase

I want to launch metabase application on relative url.
For example
How do AI configure jetty to respond at relative urls

If you look at the PR where support for this got introduced it seems the recommended approach is just to place a proxy in front of Metabase. There are examples over there using either Caddy or Nginx.

Followed the nginx procedure, got the application running on /metabase, but it is not able to share links on /metabase and having some problems in fetching assets files

Sorry have no experience with this myself. :worried: Only thing I can think of is you might have to set the site URL under Admin … other than that only thing might be to read up. If there are assets still missing my best guess it could be a regression since it got implemented - so you should file a GH issue - or even a PR :+1: . Not sure there are a lot of users of this particular feature so YMMV…