Running Metabase on AWS Elastic Beanstalk - All Questions & Dashboards lost when updating Metabase version


I’m running Metabase on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and have connection to AWS Redhshift db. However, when I upgraded the Metabase version from 0.19.1 to 0.19.2 I lost all my saved questions and dashboards and needed to re-create everything. I figured that I would need to add the Redhsift database to the Elastic Beanstalk data tier but seems like that only supports RDS databases currently… Is there any way I could upgrade the Metabase version without losing my set up connection to AWS Redshift (& related questions & dashboards) ?

The last two times I’ve run an update per instructions here ( I’ve lost all of the work I’ve done and had to recreate everything.


This was due to an application database issue. The default config of Metabase uses local H2 DB which cannot be backed up when upgrading to new versions, thus you will lose everything you’ve built. Solved it by creating a Postgres DB used as an application DB Metabase and now all my changes are kept when upgrading the version,

It sounds like you are creating a new beanstalk environment rather than updating an existing beanstalk environment with a new version. If you then terminate the old environment, beanstalk will kill the application RDS instance.

For what it’s worth we follow the exact instructions on that link for 10+ instances we run internally on every point release without any issues.