SaaS tenants

We have a SasS project, with a multitenant setup, so each tenant has its own database, we would like to provide a metabase actions directly from within our web app, but doing everything transparent, and having some configuration predefined (hidden tables)

Do you know if is that possible? How should I start?

Thank you!

Hi, did you get any response on this?

@rohit.chowdhary Given that it’s 2 years since this was posted, I don’t think you’re going to get a response.

Can you explain what you’re trying to do?
You can set permissions for each user group, so they only have access to specific databases.
But it sounds like Enterprise Edition is what you’re looking for with Full App Embedding and Sandboxing

hi there, thanks for super fast response.
Yes, i am working on getting the Enterprise license purchased.
I want it to be multi-tenant, so that i can have two databases in the back and have specific users on each, and they should never see each other’s data.
Is that all possible with user group?


@rohit.chowdhary That sounds like it’s doable with simple permissions:

Thanks again.
Is this a solid approach without any holes, where i can assume Group = Tenant?
Just want to be double sure, because if Group User A can somehow see Group User B, then it will be a legal issue for me.

@rohit.chowdhary If it comes down to legal issues, then I would run two completely different instances of Metabase on two completely different servers with no interaction between them.