Same question with different filters

I just started using Metabase today, playing around with my app’s database.

My app is an ecommerce solution, that multiple ‘clients’ use for a monthly fee.
Each of these clients have independent sales and customers data

Most of the questions we’ll make will be filtered by client, and then by other criteria.
Is there a way to make one question, and then filter it by client at dashboard level? I couldn’t get this working.
More so, can I set a client variable and have that applied to all the questions in a dashboard?

The same for pulses, I would like to configure one pulse with the set of questions that I want to send to all my clients, like a template, and then somehow get that pulse generated for each client with their own data. Is this possible?


Is the intention to have your client log into Metabase directly?

We don’t currently support the use case you’re describing with Pulses, though it’s definitely something we’d be interested in tackling.

I have a very similar use case: I am building reports for all users in a company; all reports have the same structure and same questions but use the personal data of the logged user. The solution at the dataset is simple: I just need to retrieve the data WHERE user_id LIKE ‘foo@bar.baz’. But I still did not figure out the solution at the dashboard level.

One option is to set user_id as a filter and ask users to choose their own ids from the list, but this is far from optimal. It would be perfect if I could set a (hidden) filter that fetches the logged user_id info as a variable and displays the dashboard with the personalized data of the user. Is there now a way to do this?

Thanks a lot.

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I’m looking to solve the same challenge.

How did you solved the problem?

@deepakkumar This topic is many years old, so everything has changed. You should create a new topic

Have a look in the Learn articles or the documentation about using filters:

It is possible to filter Pulses (now called Subscriptions):