SAML with Azure B2C

Hi, I'm trying to implement SAML authentication for Metabase with Azure B2C tenant for social accounts. Basically I would like to allows users to authenticate via Social Accounts.

I'm following this tutorial: WordPress Single Sign-On using Azure B2C SAML Login ( and it looks quite promising but I'm not sure what the settings are that I should use on the Metabase side. The closest that I get is a Metabase error:

“It looks like we weren't able to log you in.
Unable to log in: SAML response validation failed
Stuck? Need help? Contact the administrator of your Metabase instance about this error.
Additional Info

{:status-code 401}”

Has anyone tried and got it working?

Hi @MK-457
Please use the support email when using the Pro/Enterprise plans.
It is currently not supported: