Sandboxing Attributes

Hello All,
I am trying out the enterprise trail edition of the metabase and trying to sandboxing the data for the particular user.
I got a scenario like one user wanted to see only 2 zones data (like South and North), for that i was trying out using sandboxing attribute as attached in the screen shot. After saving the attribute , i am not getting any result (It works fine when i pass only one zone ,now how can i pass two values to an single attribute ).
Please someone help me where i am lagging.


Hi @sushant.naik
You should use the support email for questions about Enterprise Edition.
And you’re not passing two values - you’re passing a single value that contains a comma.
I don’t know if it would work, but you could try adding two attributes:

ZONE    South
ZONE    North

Hello @flamber,
Thanks for the reply, i will use support email for the same.
but i tried the suggested possibility also . Its not taking the duplicate attribute.

does this problem has solved? i have same question