Sandboxing error: Found more than one group table access policy for user


We have been evaluating Metabase Entreprise edition but while testing sandboxing feature we found the following issue:


3 Groups

Administratos (default group)
All Users (default group)

3 Tables

I added sandboxing access to Group1 on table1, table2 and table3

But when user in group1 queries table1 we get this error:
“Found more than one group table access policy for user”

Tables 2 and 3 have no issues.

The only way to make table1 work with sandboxing is by applying it to the All Users group

I would appreciate any help on this issue,

Hi @rodxyz
I would recommend that you use support email for problems/questions with Enterprise Edition.
I have an issue open about this. The problem is that we're not correctly clearing the permission restriction.
The current workaround is to manually delete the old policy from the table group_table_access_policy in the application database. - fixed in 1.39.3

Thank you @flamber, that worked!