Sandboxing query

We want to get some clarification on whether we can use a "OR" instead of an "AND" while using multiple parameters in case of using a saved question to create a custom view for a table in case of sandboxing.

Example : SUMMARY
Users in All Users can view
rows in the Mind_statuses sq trial question
where comp_name variable equals comp
and parent_comp_name variable equals parent_comp

In above case we want to be using a 'or' instead of an 'and'.

Additionally to test out this approach, we tried providing value of one of the attributes/parameters as NULL and placed it as the second parameter while providing access to a user to a sandboxed dashboard.
The approach worked and only the attribute with a value was considered for displaying the values in the sandboxed dashboard to the user.
Is it a sustainable approach to follow?
Please help to clarify.

Hi @chetna
Please use the support email for questions about Pro/Enterprise functionality.
You will have to use a Sandboxing Question, which allows you to write the query any way you want.