Save Dashboard to files to show on TV digital signage display

I did the following to save a dashboard from the command line to then display it on digital signage:

wget -p -k

It saves the files and they look viable, but I can’t figure out how to open those files to view the dashboard later in another browser.

The reason I am saving the dashboard to files is because the above URL re-queries the database every time the signage software goes to the URL. I want to save a copy using a script every 8 hours and then use that copy in the signage software rotating that dashboard every 30 seconds.

Can someone tell me how to open these files in a browser to view the copy of the dashboard?

I’ve no idea if that should work or not. If it were me, I’d create an image. Easy enough to do .Net, or use something like this:

Metabase dashboard view is pretty strong for viewing reports on the TV. It can refresh it automatically with given intervals. And you can set those intervals with an URL parameter.

If your main concern is querying the database each time when someone opens the dashboard you may use cache feature. You may also replicate some long running queries into a new table and show your data from there. Metabase cache needs more memory.

Your solution doesn’t seem viable to me.

@turker.tunali: How do you use “cache feature”?

Admin, settings.

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