Save question dialog box doesn't complete

When you click save it greys out to ‘saving’ the close ‘x’ also greys out and then just sits there unto eternity.

I’d say it’s a bug but I’ll let you guys determine that.

Hm, it just said saving failed and it really didn’t save the question, never got that before.

Also if you click out of the box it’s not found under google chrome ‘window’, so presuming it actually shut, but shouldn’t do that.

We are on version v0.30.1

It’s doing it again, I can’t save anything

Is this still on version 0.30.1? What browser are you using? Where are you running Metabase, and what kind of database are you querying?


This is becoming very problematic, it used to save eventually but is failing sometimes now.

Also, some questions save right away while others will not save at all, neither updates or new ones.

Can you provide any server log errors or JavaScript console error messages? I’ll try reproducing this today.

I’m not seeing this behavior on master using Chrome on macOS while querying against a Postgres database. I’m wondering if the problem has to do with DC/OS. Are you able to save any questions that are based on the sample dataset?

In any case, the server logs and JS logs will be the most helpful thing to troubleshoot this.

Weirdest thing, the reports are saving fine now. I can tell you that there were no actual errors, like in stderr. I’m looking back in the logs tho to see if I can find the message I noted yesterday. Because this has been ongoing working then not working since I submitted 4277

Ok! I think I may have something. Getting ‘Cannot Connect With The Server’ in Mesosphere DC/OS interface trying to view log, but Metabase reports will still run. However report save doesn’t work.

And why don’t I have an option to attach a file here, want to attach log.

To attach a file, click the up arrow “Upload” button in the comment box. Sounds like you might need to talk to someone on your ops or eng team who has knowledge of Mesosphere DC/OS and show them what’s going on. Seems like Metabase might be having trouble writing to the Metabase application database.

I could have sworn there was no upload button before, but whatever (ha). So I uploaded a screen shot of what I presume is the error, but as you said may have to do with dc/os. Let me know what you think, thank you. And yes I can have someone here look at mesosphere.

I can see this behaviour in metabase 0.31 as well. It happens that, when I’m running a slow query, sometimes it won’t save. Then, if I manually kill the running query on the database, it saves instantly. That is, it might try to run the query again - then, sometimes, I have to kill the same query twice or thrice, and it will run finely.

I’ve attempted saving on a brand new Native query without even running the query and it just times out without saving anything. Occasionally the save will then show up 2 or 3 days later under the initial name I provided.

It’s going to be difficult to continue using the tool if I can’t rely on it saving queries.

Hi @zDogwatch
Do you have a big database? Then it might be a problem with high load during sync.
Or could be related to x-ray functionality. Try disabling it and see if it fixes your time out.

Hey @flamber it’s definitely a Large Database, the x-rays were something we disabled as soon as that was available so that’s not the issue. I’m still suffering the issue albeit very randomly so it’s been hard to narrow down the cause.

@zDogwatch And you’re using 0.31.2? And which backend and which database connection?

@lucas.lima Didn’t we find a bug for this issue? My brain is off right now…

0.31.2 is the version we’re using, and I’m not 100% on the backend/database connection, our devOPs team would likely have that info, I’m still pretty new to the scene but I know enough to write the queries. For whatever reason though, the question did eventually wind up saving, but long after I had closed it out.

@zDogwatch Have a look at the Metabase logs. That should pinpoint the area.

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