Saved Questions-change field type

Hi there,

I’m new to Metabase and I need some help:

I’d like to redefine the field type in a table which is created via SQL, i.e. it should be of Category Type.
I can see that I can redefine the field types in the tables of the databases so far. And that there is also the folder " saved questions".
This is way I wanted to save my sql-query in these “saved questions”, that I can redefine it in the way as the database table fields.

But when I save my query, it will not appear in the folder. I can still see it under my collection of queries, is there a way to put it also in the “saved questions” folder in the Data Reference?

Or is there another way to change the field type? I do not know much about Java Script or GitHub or Druid.

Thanks for your help!

MacOs, Metabase v0.29.3 and Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181

Hi Sina,

To redefine field types simply click on the variable icon and edit your settings there:

I believe the “Saved Questions” is a special category in the data reference tab that covers any question you’ve saved in Metabase. Generally for organization, one should use “Collections” in Metabase:

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question, please let me know if this isn’t helpful and what I’m missing.