Scatter plot % format y-axis

v0.35.4, native SQL question

Scatter plots with a y-axis field populated with values such as 0.09, 0.1, 0.15… all render as 0% for every tic-mark rather than an expected 9%, 10%, 15% when formatting using the Gear icon>Style>Percent (tool-tip hover over seems OK though). Increasing the “Minimum number of decimal places” to 2 renders all y-axis labels as 0.00%. Putting 100 into the “Multiply by a number” box has no effect. Putting a *100 in the actual SQL renders as 900%, 1000%, 1500%.

Thought it was the local environment and figured it would go away in production but it didn’t. Can get around it by putting a *100 for the field in the SQL, using Gear icon>Style>Normal rather than Percent, and putting % in the “Add a suffix” box.

Couldn’t find related posts in this forum or GitHub, it would seem this is a bug.

Metabase: v0.35.4
Hosts: Localhost:3000; AWS EBS https
Databases: H2 internal default; Postgres
Browser: Firefox 52.9.0
OS: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]; AWS EBS EC2

Hi @mesquest
It sounds very similar to this issue:

For reference: