Schema doesn´t show all Columns of MongoDB-Collection

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i´m enjoying work with this amazing tool.

I´ve problem syncing one Collection of my mongoDB-Database.

Two fields are not shown in the schema. I suppose Metabase focus on the oldest entries to build the schema. Because all fields of the older and oldest entries are shown. Would it be a solution to inspect the actual (maybe last three months?) to build the Schema?

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I have the same problem. Sometimes after a re-sync the new fields to show up. But now, I have a table that I’ve forces several re-syncs and the fields don’t show up! :-S

Currently evaluating Metabase. Some fields (but not all) in a second-level data structure are not showing up:
composition.content.status shows up (it is a boolean) as a field I can filter on
composition.content.timestamp does not show up (it is an integer, unix timestamp)

as they are both at the same level, it is not obvious why they are treated differently.

BTW: I can see both fields in the content{ } dictionary listing when looking raw mode.

Maybe I’m configuring something wrong (I’ve only spent 2-3 hours looking at Metabase so far) but if this is a real problem we can’t use Metabase.

Hi @sibr
Which version of Metabase?
Have you checked the Metabase log?

Facing the same issue here. One of the fields was added later in the mongodb collection docs and metabse does not display that field in the original schema in the data model setting.

@beingyash Metabase will only scan the first 10,000 documents in a collection for fields, so if your new fields are only present in document 10,001+, then it won't be seen. A workaround is to add all the fields (nulled) you want Metabase to see to the first document.