Schema Sync API

We have an app that adds tables to a database, then calls the API to trigger a schema sync. Currently, we use the following API to sync:

POST /api/database/:id/sync_schema

This API syncs the entire database. Are there any other API calls that can perform the schema sync at the table level? The documentation lists the following API call as potentially being able to perform a more granular sync:

POST /api/notify/db/:id

Do any of the API methods allow syncing only for a single table?

Hi @metabasedev01
/api/notify is exactly what you're looking for. For reference:
Alternatively, you can hide and then unhide a table, which will also trigger a sync, but depending on your usage, that might not be what want.

We call sync so that the table is displayed in the Metabase UI without requiring the end user to manually refresh the browser. Over time, we add many tables so syncing the whole database each time is not ideal. It sounds like /api/notify might allow us to trigger a sync for a single table. Thanks.

@metabasedev01 The end user might need to still refresh their browser. There are known cache issues, which are difficult to handle.
For reference:

Thanks again.