Scroll bars in Cards in Dashboards

this topic was briefly discussed already (Field Filters based on SQL queries) but with no real answer to the issue.
We would like to use dashboards as the main go-to point for our users (rather than the questions itself) as there are all the relevant questions combined already and the user does not have to search for each questions.
For some of the cards the relevant information shown can be too big after using filters or just updating the data (tables, lists …) and therefore the card shows pages to flip through. I think having a scroll bar instead of pages would be much more user friendly.

Another option would be having cards that change their size depending on the data shown?

Would be great to have that as an additional feature in the dashboard edit section.

Thanks, Eva


+1 for this. In many situations a vertical scrolling table would work better than pages.

We have a wall-mounted “dashboard” log on the production floor that we use which is just an Excel file. There is an immovable mouse mounted on the wall next to it, allowing the use of the scroll wheel to view the entire log and check its contents, no clicking necessary. (the mouse buttons are disabled)

I’d love to use Metabase for this instead (Excel will crash if left open for too long. Seems like a memory leak or something.) but it won’t work with pages.

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Interesting. Thanks for the feedback; this is something we’ll have to take into consideration.

Thank you for considering it, it would be quite useful to have.

@maz Scrolling through long table in dashboard would help our end-users a lot. It quite takes time to paginate 200-500 results.
Google Data Studio has scroll bar by default FYI.

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Had there been any developments around this one?
@flamber- can you help?

@ishgupta It is currently not in development. There are several caveats with having multiple scrolls. It is possible to hold CTRL (or Command) and click question title to open the full question in a new tab.