Search box (filter) not working

I'm using metabase v0.37.4 and I'm having trouble with a filter. I want this result:

But my filter is working as a normal text filter. These are the settings:


my option is only none.

I have already reviewed my query and made sure that there is no alias in the variable. What I am missing?

I changed this:

and now the list is working :slight_smile: but when I change to search box it is not working :confused:

Hi @Helena
Please read this article:
I would try to a newer release, which has several fixes to filter dropdowns:

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Hi @flamber :slight_smile:

Is there a way to show only the options according to another filter instead of showing all the options in the table?

I have two filters: one for category and one that shows the dropdown menu.

  • My X variable in category filter has options A, B, C and D
  • My Y variable in category filter has A and R options
  • The table has A-Z options

so I want to show only options A,B,C and D when I put option X in category filter and show only A and R with option Y.
I've already tried to vinculate the two filters...

I think I found the problem... the two filters are not in the same table :frowning: I did a LEFT JOIN