Search not working 0.47


Since updating to 0.47, I can no longer search with a BigQuery table name and have Metabase return all the questions that use the table I searched. Also, when I go to the "references" page in the UI, I get no results for "questions about this table".

Any ideas?

Can you post the error?

There is no error. There is just something wrong with the backend search not returning questions that use the searched table.

When you say there’s a backend error, can you post what you’re seeing?

I'm saying there is no error. The search just isn't returning anything what is expected.

For example, the table in the screenshot below is used in 20+ questions yet nothing shows up on the page.

can you give me an example of a question that uses that table?

Here is a better example where the table is used in 60 questions but Metabase doesn't return one.

mysql> SELECT count(*) FROM report_card WHERE dataset_query LIKE "%general_xxxxx_staff%";
| count(*) |
|       60 |
1 row in set (0.10 sec)