Secure connection SSL

Hi everyone!
I have a Cloud SQL ( MySQL 8.0) in GCP.
I want to use a secure connection - for this, I enabled the SSL
when I try to configure this connection in the metabase I get an error

> Could not connect to address=( : (conn=6121) SSL hostname verification failed : IPv4 host "" doesn't correspond to certificate CN "database:staging-mysql8" This verification can be disabled using the option "disableSslHostnameVerification" but won't prevent man-in-the-middle attacks anymore

is there any other way or possibility to connect to my database without using disableSslHostnameVerification=1 key?

yes, try generating a certificate with the correct canonical name

Please explain what should be here as a "correct canonical name"?
I can't generate a cert with name like " database:staging-mysql8"

the certificate should have the fqdn of the database in order for the certificate not to fail