Securing a Public Facing Metabase Instance


I have a sqlite3 database that I’d like to make viewable publicly - without people having to login. It’s actually a catalog dump from a manufacturer, and a bunch of us would like to be able to use Metabase as a GUI of sorts for this catalog. What’s a good way to achieve this? Basically, I don’t want people to be able to do admin stuff on this instance (like pointing to a new database) or save visualizations.

For an example of what I’d like to use Metabase for, check This doesn’t use Metabase (yet), but I’d like to create a similar view plus one that lets people sort and filter through the data, spit out fun statistics, etc.

On a slightly tangential subject, can Metabase handle structured JSON blobs? It’d need to look into the blob until it finds an array that has multiple entries with similar fields and then show a dashboard for that. Reusing as an example, here’s their giant 25MB json blob database

Hi @wingedrhino
It sounds like just a regular Public link would work:

Currently JSON/arrays are not supported for filtering - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each:

Thanks! I’ll try out a public link.

About arrays - I wasn’t referring to MongoDB or PostgreSQL based JSON Arrays, but an entire database that’s in the form of a single JSON file containing a really large array of similar looking objects.

@wingedrhino I don’t know which database type you’re talking about, but Metabase supports ~15 types in it’s core, and then there’s third-party drivers too. But given that the functionality isn’t available in the core, then I doubt any other drivers will be able to implement this.