Security Question

Hey users!

I am here for my boss to ask you guys about the security of Metabase.
Our question was, (How good is the security of Metabase overall, like how safe is the connection with the database and how easy or hard is it to get into Metabase)

This applies to the Self Hosted part of Metabase.

Because we are a company we have strict policy’s for using software.

Are you guys willing to help me out on this one?
Thanks alot!


Hi @CalvinW

It’s safe to connect Metabase to your database. None of your data will be shared with anyone.
You should apply regular security measures such as encryption and restricted privileges, as you would with any software.

There’s a login throttle, which prevents brute-force, but doing SSO will add more security:
If your instance isn’t available to the outside, then it’s more secure - like with any other software.

Thanks you for your reply!

This helps me alot!