Segment is not working with additional filters

Hi there,
I started to create segments to make it easier for my users to filter our data. But it seems that a created segment is not working anymore when I enter an additional filter?

My example:
The segment selects that field category = “User” and field status = “confirmed”.
When I select the segment and an additional filter (field “created_at” = last 30 days) the following error message appears:

Input to compound-filter does not match schema: e[0;33m [nil (named (named (not (matches-some-precondition? nil)) “Valid filter clause”) subclause) nil] e[0m

When I enter the three filters without a segment (so field category = User, field status = confirmed, field created_at = last 30 days) it works as it should.

Am I missing something about how segments work? For us it would be really helpful to create segments that can be added to other segments in the filter area or to normal filters.

Sorry about that! This is a bug, and has also been reported on GitHub here:

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